by Arethusa

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released June 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Arethusa Manchester, New Hampshire

Post-Hardcore band from Manchester, NH

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Track Name: Fallacy
For over twelve years, you've lived alone inside your head.
I can't believe comfort existing in silence.
I can't fight feeling that you've done this to yourself.
I can't believe, the table's turned and you're in the same chair.

Step back, look at your life, running away with no end in sight,
But at least you know I'm there (x2)
Obsessions and addictions got you falling from the top,
But now you lie, you lie.

You lie, but can't explain why.
You're running back to the cupboard filled with whiskey, and regret.
Your faith is shot. So fall down.
You're starting to regress again.
He said 'don't put your faith in me',
'Don't put your faith in me; she deserves better'.

Suffer in silence now; no one's listening to what you say.
We're all watching you suffer in silence now.
No one's listening to what you say.
No one's listening.
Track Name: Bear Force One
I feel like I've seen this place before.
Thoughts twisting like a vice grip on the tip of my tongue.
It's the dark that's tempting; drink it down, it takes me.
These scattered lines and 'one more time's won't take us back to where we belong.
I can't convince myself.
Black bleeds right through that painted face.
Look at me now.
As the fuse gets shorter; backed up in this corner.
But you insist - it's just for fun, it's just for fun.

We know, we know how this plays out,
But I can tell you that it won't be easy.
Your honesty is fading like the drink wedged in your hand.

Take all my pride, take all my doubt,
Choke them down with amber, wash them clean,
With an empty glass of all I'm worth.
Tonight I swear I'll let go.
You are such a waste of time.

Take a step back.
Temptation buries me again, and I've got my head deep in the sand.
As darkness glides across the floor, I'll go and drink it down,
Farther. Drink it down farther.

Nowhere, this conversation gets us nowhere.

Who the fuck do you think I am?
Track Name: Elm Street
For once I feel the smoke in my eyes,
The blood that I taste, from biting my tongue,
I just want you to know that I'm a broken man,
Not willing to be fixed; not willing to understand.
Three words will fade with your voice in the wind.
The pavement sings beneath your feet of the promises you couldn't keep on Elm Street.

I can't lift this weight off my chest; months of doubt, I can't hear your breath,
Lips sewn shut, as you walk out my door.
So you'll just fake it.

Just exhale now. It'll work itself out.
You never once had a hint of doubt.
Tell me how can you feel that the pain you conceal,
Is self righteous enough to just sit down and tell yourself
Oh, face down she never looked so good.
She'll blame it on a lack of compassion; compassion.
How dare you say to me that I'm not the man I used to be?
The pavement sings beneath my feet of the promises I couldn't keep on Elm Street.

I can't lift this weight off my chest; months of doubt, I can't hear your breath,
Lips sewn shut, as you walk out my door.
So you'll just fake it.
Years from now, our scars may just fade; crack a smile when you think of me.
We've done this dance once before,
So fake it.

Call it what you want as the sheets dance on your skin.
They will only remind you of me.
Lie down, slide up that dress now,
He pulls your hair back, until you're so close,
So just fake it.
Track Name: Illumination
This place is full of lies, and I can see them all.
Now I can see the words crawling under my skin.
And it won't get any easier, and I just feel so weak.
With my hands tied behind my back, I force myself to swim.

Staring at the ceiling I'm, waiting for a sign that I'll be fine without fading away.
Every day's so cold, counting down the minutes until I'm hear again.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle.
Cause I keep drowning myself, and drowning myself in what I breathe.

It's not enough to say 'oh you'll be fine,
Just a phase, a lesson learned in time,
Take comfort in the fact that you have made it out alive.'
But every single second, of every fucking day,
I'm losing grip between cured and contagious.
I can feel it in my gut,
This once was sharp now turned to rust.
This isn't over, the voice that sickens me can never leave.
Forgetting no one, inside myself can't find my own release.
(Erase my name from the sand, I might like where I stand)
My bodies failing, there's no where else to go.
Do I sell my weight in gold or do I leave it for the wolves?

She said 'don't go, don't get in that car tonight'
She said 'I hate to see you like this, I can keep you.'

So take me back to the old days, where every thing was all right.
Take me back tonight.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle that I can't awaken from.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle, spirialing out of control.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle cause I keep drowning myself.
Track Name: Vengeance
Closer, the tides are pulling me in,
Faster, this ship is sinking with me.
These words, carry me to the shore.
The tides are pulling me in.
These words, carry me to the shore,
We are vengeance sinking ships without a sound.
We are taking over this eternal bow.
We are vengeance sinking ships into the sound.
We are getting closer, ever closer now.
Track Name: Verbal Contract
Once again we find ourselves at a crossroads,
Searching for the reason why we have to live this way.
With ashes falling, to our feet from all the bridges,
All the bridges we've burned.
(It takes more than just water, to extinguish the flame on the wick. Burn. Burn.)
So one day we'll find the cause.
One day we'll put this place back together.
But for now we'll keep putting the nail in your coffin.

Feel the grain on the splinters,
As they embed to your fingertips.
The world will watch you dangle,
Back and forth as the wind answers for all your sins.

They stand in silence; they tell us to compromise.
Can't stand the silence; strung out and victimized.

Just like ants they scatter; dodging light from the marks on the glass.
Come into focus, the screams of the voiceless will sound in the distance.
Our time has come at last.

Our name is vengeance; sinking ships without a sound.
We're taking over; this eternal bow.
Our name is vengeance; sinking ships into the sound.
We're getting closer, ever closer now.

Save yourself from my sinking ship,
I can't bare to see you rot at the bottom.
Searching for the reason why I have to live this way.

Searching for the shore,
Hoping to God I can find my way back.
Constantly praying to be back home.

Your words can guide me there.
Save me from myself,
And maybe one day I'll find the cause.

Through all these years,
Withering away,
Save me from myself,
Save me.