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This place is full of lies, and I can see them all.
Now I can see the words crawling under my skin.
And it won't get any easier, and I just feel so weak.
With my hands tied behind my back, I force myself to swim.

Staring at the ceiling I'm, waiting for a sign that I'll be fine without fading away.
Every day's so cold, counting down the minutes until I'm hear again.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle.
Cause I keep drowning myself, and drowning myself in what I breathe.

It's not enough to say 'oh you'll be fine,
Just a phase, a lesson learned in time,
Take comfort in the fact that you have made it out alive.'
But every single second, of every fucking day,
I'm losing grip between cured and contagious.
I can feel it in my gut,
This once was sharp now turned to rust.
This isn't over, the voice that sickens me can never leave.
Forgetting no one, inside myself can't find my own release.
(Erase my name from the sand, I might like where I stand)
My bodies failing, there's no where else to go.
Do I sell my weight in gold or do I leave it for the wolves?

She said 'don't go, don't get in that car tonight'
She said 'I hate to see you like this, I can keep you.'

So take me back to the old days, where every thing was all right.
Take me back tonight.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle that I can't awaken from.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle, spirialing out of control.
I'm falling down, into a vicious cycle cause I keep drowning myself.


from Rumination, released June 20, 2016



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Arethusa Manchester, New Hampshire

Post-Hardcore band from Manchester, NH

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